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EU Rights Project – York Talks Presentation

December 1, 2016 • By

With EU migrants at the top of the political agenda, Charlotte O’Brien reveals the painful, human tragedy behind the headlines and the Government’s clampdown on so-called benefit tourists.

A specialist in European law and a frontline advocate for human rights, Charlotte has seen first-hand what the reality is like for people who come to Britain in search of work and a better life. She makes a powerful case that the British government is in breach of its legal and humanitarian obligations and that those most affected by the cuts are women and children. The bigger tragedy, she says, is that so few people are speaking out.

This lecture was given at YorkTalks 2016. Styled on the highly successful TED Talks lecture series, YorkTalks features short, accessible 15-minute presentations on some of our most innovative and thought-provoking research.