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Making Referrals

The EU rights project is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (a public body) and York Law School. The project offers a unique, specialist, free advice and advocacy service on EU welfare rights until April 2015, and will be continuing to invite evidence until February 2017.

I welcome referrals of cases. I am especially looking for cases where a bureau has noticed a recurrent social policy problem and cases where disability discrimination may be a factor.

Typical enquiries might include:

•     equal treatment claims and right to reside issues;

•     cross border family claims;

•     possible overlapping of different country benefits and rules;

•     third country national family members/carers of EU/UK nationals getting a right to reside

•     establishing worker status for the purpose of equal treatment;

•     aggregating social security contributions from different Member States for the purposes of claiming contributory benefits;

•     exporting benefits from another EU Member State to the UK;

•     exporting benefits from the UK to another Member State.

Claimants may be EU nationals, UK nationals, or ‘third country’ nationals – the important thing is possible reliance on some EU law provision. If I have limited availability, I will select according to suitability of the case. I will be based at Ripon CAB and York Law School. I can take on referrals (and can travel for that purpose) on a case-by-case basis.

Please see the referral information document below. In the first instance, please contact to discuss a referral. Then download and fill in the referral form as fully as you can and send it plus any documents to with ‘EU rights referral’ in the subject heading; and/or send hard copies to:


EU Rights Project

Ripon CAB

Sharow View,

75 Allhallowgate




Telephone: Ripon CAB advice session supervisor on 01765 643462 or admin on 01765 643461.

Referral Documents – Download Links: