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Pre-Order the Book! – Unity in Adversity EU Citizenship, Social Justice and the Cautionary Tale of the UK

July 10, 2010 • By

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To pre-order now, please visit the publisher’s website by clicking here.

The book detailing the findings from the EU Rights project is now available to pre-order. Titled, Unity in Adversity it draws upon the findings of this ground-breaking project, which has worked first hand with EU nationals in the UK, providing advice and advocacy, and giving ethnographic insight into the process of navigating EU and UK welfare law. Its study of EU law in action is a radical new approach, and the case studies illustrate the political, legal and administrative obstacles to justice faced by EU nationals. Taken together, the strands demonstrate that ‘equal treatment’ for EU nationals is an illusion. The UK’s welfare reforms directed at EU nationals are analysed as a programme of declaratory discrimination, and in light of the subsequent referendum, should be treated as a cautionary tale – both to the EU, to take social justice seriously, and to other Member States, to steer away from xenophobic law-making.