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This page details a selection of recent blogs, articles and other publications by Dr Charlotte O’Brien, which are related to the EU Rights Project. A record of academic publications can also be found on Charlotte’s page and her York Law School profile.

Recently Published Articles and Blogs

  • EU Free Movement Law in 10 Questions & Answers

    This post primarily aims to clarify the scope of EU free movement rules with the view of addressing some of the most common (legal) misconceptions one may regularly encounter in the British media and elsewhere. We argue that the much of the criticism of free movement has targeted a ‘straw man’, with little regard to […]

  • Expert Reaction: Article 50

    Dr Charlotte O’Brien, Senior Lecturer at the University of York’s York Law School, offers her expert reaction on the triggering of Article 50…. Click here to access the article

  • “Civis capitalist sum: class as the new guiding principle of free free movement rights”

    A new article by Charlotte O’Brien has been published in the Common Market Law Review. Titled “Civis Capitalist Sum: Class as the New Guiding Principle of EU Free Movement Rights”, it puts forward the argument that the European Court of Justice’s  increasing tolerance of nationality-discrimination creates a moral vacuum at the heart of free movement […]

  • “Hand-to-mouth” citizenship: decision time for the UK Supreme Court on the substance of Zambrano rights, EU citizenship and equal treatment

    This article focuses on equal treatment entitlement in the UK for those with Zambrano residence rights , namely, UK national children with third country national primary carers. Currently in the UK, the benefit rules strip these individuals of equal treatment entitlement, and this issue is raised in a case pending before the UK Supreme Court. The […]

  • European Commission Report: Concept of a Worker – Art.45 TFEU

    A new comparative European Commission report has been released on the concept of a worker under Article 45 TFEU, including non-standard forms of employment. The report was co-authored by Dr Charlotte O’Brien with Prof Dr Eleanor Spaventa and Joyce De Coninck. The full report is available online here.

  • Whatever the outcome, free movement is not the problem

    Charlotte O’Brien argues in Positive.News that both sides of the EU debate have misrepresented the issue of free movement across the Eurozone. The article can be accessed here.